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Post renewal

Hi guys,

I've recently posted about having some unused RodeOh packing underwear for sale. I also got some Andrew Christians which I ordered in the wrong size. They are great for packing as they are pouch underwear (have a separate pouch for your packer), really nice, unfortunately, not my size. The items for sale are:

RodeOh Underwear:

Jade Boxer Briefs size S — 15$, 

Gray Floral Briefs size M — 5$

Andrew Christian:

Arouse Thong size S — 10$

FlashLift boxer size S — 15$

California Collection Swimming Trunks size S — 15$

The links to the original products:

No cash? No problem! We can trade! 

I am looking for any packing underwear or harnesses as well as packers or pack and plays. If you have anything you'd want to trade with me, send me a PM or a mail to:

BASED IN THE EU (Shipping costs can vary)


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