Alex le soleil (Angryotterr) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Alex le soleil

(EUROPE ONLY) Peecock 5.5", GEN3S, light beige, pleasure rod + erection rod

I had put money aside for a while to buy this prothesis, but it's not the right one for me. It's impossible for me to urinate with it because I'm not really good at it, and I feel like it's not suitable for anal sex (not "hard" enough). Therefore I wish to sell it. I have the original shaft (erection rod) and a pleasure original kit, I can also give you the condom and the lube, all of this in the small Peecock bag. Color : light beige (the clearest)
I ask for 150 euros. I have paid 230 euros for it.

email :

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