readeom wrote in ftmgaragesale

SOLD [FOR SALE: PeeCock Gen4 3.75]

I am selling a PeeCock Gen4 3.75" STP. I have a ton of friends who have had great luck with PeeCock products and I finally caved and got one for myself. As soon as I opened it though, I knew it wasn't for me. This cup shape just has never worked for my body.....The prosthetic has never been used, and is in new condition with everything that came in the original package. It has great detail, slightly moveable skin and testicles, and an erection rod (I did not buy a pleasure kit though). I payed $199 plus $21 shipping, for a total of $220. I'm asking $150 OBO, and will pay shipping to anywhere in the United States! Hoping to send this to a good home where someone will really love it. 

If you're interested or would like more pictures, email me at


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