sadurys wrote in ftmgaragesale

RodeOH Packing underwear

Hi guys, long story short, I have ordered the wrong RodeOh size for my packing underwear, and due to RodeOhs policy about no returns, I am left with...

Size Small Jade Packing Boxer — which I am willing to sale for 15 $

It is never worn, still in the original packaging. The underwear is very soft and nice looking. I am based in the central EU, so any EU folks, give me a shout out if you want to try out this awesome brand. Bougth it for 25 bucks plus shipping, If you are interested to buy please contact me at

I also have one pair of their Gray Floral Briefs, this time in Medium. Also unworn, in the plastic packaging, I mistakenly ordered two pairs instead of one. Willing to give for just 5$.

If you need any measurements or photos, contact me.

Cheers folks


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