jcad15 (jcad15) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Selling Emisil Gen 3 stp s-08 with rod

Hello! I’ve never used LiveJournal before so let me know if any of this message is messed up or not formatted correctly.

I am selling an unused Emisil gen 3 stp in the s-08 color for $350. It includes the packer as well as the play rod. I never used it and I decided to try to sell it so that I can afford a down payment on an apartment while I am in recovery for a hysto. It will be shipped using UPS ground but I can do express 2 day shipping if you’d like. Price is negotiable because I know how important packing is to so many people. I accept PayPal, Venmo, and cashapp and can be reached by jaycad015@gmail.com. I am an east coaster and I check my email regularly so be sure to be a little patient if you’re within a drastically different time zone. I will ship internationally (I’m American).

Thank you!!
Tags: packer, trans

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