charlieriver48 wrote in ftmgaragesale

Emisil 3rd gen STP/packer

I am selling a emisil 3rd gen STP packer skin color 09. 

This stp and packer is beautiful! I recently bought it and have tried on a few occasions to make it work but its just not the right fit for me. I spent about $500 on this product so I was sad it didn't work for me, but I figured id post it on here someone else would be able to enjoy it and maybe save some money. 

It's in really good condition, I've only used it for like a week or so, but there are some remnants from the gendercat self-adhesive sheets that didn't peel all the way off but it doesn't affect the prosthetic or its attach-ability. Im asking for $300 (but Im flexible... I understand how challenging it can be to find a good product and really just want it to work for someone). Also, I've sterilized the product several times already and would sterilize before sending it.

 I have photos I can send if interested (not sure how to post them on here, my email and phone number is & 408-656-1681


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