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Emisil flaccid packer for sale:

I have a custom painted Emisil flaccid packer for sale. It’s S04/light caramel in color. And it might be the most beautiful work of art I’ve ever owned.

Thing is... I weigh 100lbs soaking wet.

And while this packer is not as heavy as the Reelmagik uncut flaccid packer, (my daily packer), nor is it as dense... there is still this “heaviness” to the Emisil packer — or maybe it’s a hardness — that just does not work for how small I am.


Like. I could almost cry just typing this. But ... you know when you just know? I can just tell it is not going to work with my body. So despite wanting to selfishly hold onto it to just ogle and poke at, lol.... there is no sense this beautiful packer just sit in my drawer looking good when I know there’s someone out there who it could make FEEL good.

So let’s move onto that.

I am starting out asking $400 for it, but trust me — I understand what it is like to have dysmorphia AND to be broke at the same time (as I took out a loan to get this packer). I am open to talking about the price. Rest assured, this sale is on a first come first serve basis. There will be no waiting around for the best offer.

So. $400, to start.
Willing to go lower, within reason.
Also willing to go higher, lol... but that makes no sense.

(enter auctioneer voice here, lol)

Things you may want to know about the packer you would receive.

1.) It has only been worn twice. Once out and about and once around the house. It has only been looked at since.

2.) It’s only 2 months old. Maybe i should try to get used to it more, but... I can just tell, the way I pack and the size I am, this packer will not work for me. Plus, I have five children... I simply cannot pack with this packer discreetly like I can some of my other ones.

3.) This one is going to be a deal breaker for some...... I am allergic to adhesive. Therefore I always cut the adhesive skin flap off of my packers. They just flap around and get in my way. Enough so, I immediately (regrettably) cut the flap off this packer before even putting it in my pants. I know I am not alone in cutting the adhesive skin flaps off, but.... I also know that everyone packs differently, and for some that flap of skin is everything. I’m sorry this packer will likely not work for anyone who uses the skin flap. Not that you cannot buy it, just buy it knowing the flap is gone. This is the reason I am knocking money off at all, as otherwise the packer might as well be brand new. And.... $150+ is a huge discount for someone who would also be cutting the flap off, as I assume anyone who responds would.

4.) This isn’t a specification, so much as, if you want pictures of the packer you’d be receiving (not pictures from the website) just drop me a line. I definitely have no problem taking 300 pictures (or even videos) if need be as I understand this is a large purchase amount to make and so I want myself and whoever winds up buying it to both be completely satisfied with the transaction.

Below are the specification for the packer (in general) which also applies to the packer you’d receive except for the few things mentioned above.

From Emisil’s site:

“The FTM packer for you. Emisil's realistic uncut packers are durable, comfortable and nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. This model has a nice, low-hanging 360° scrotum, with two movable floating testicles. The flaccid packers are reliable. This uncircumcised packer will inspire confidence and provide for an authentic experience. Visual measurement:
Length: 6.7 in (17 cm) | Girth: 5.5 in (14 cm) | Weight: 16.22 oz (460 g)”

Now that I have written a novel length ad, it’s your turn... if you’re interested, I’ll be checking LJ frequently. This is my first and only LJ post so where I check for messages, I’m unsure but I figure some sort of notification will come up, lol. Questions are welcome. I am open to discuss the price, (within reason). And shipping is free, anywhere.

I hope this ad makes someone’s day.

Take care.

✊🏼 - rio

Ps: looks like maybe an email is required for messaging. If so..


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