mattr28 (mattr28) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Help me Save for Top

Still got some stuff for sale- shipping included. Actually some new stuff. Email me @ for pics and I can tell you what’s available. Everything like new unless otherwise mentioned.

GC2b small white half binder- $15 discounted for pride, only worn once

Joey Pouch, never used, space theme, classic w/no hole- $15

Archer Packer vanilla- $35

Sailor Packer vanilla, light wear- $15

Reelmagic 4” cut P2- $45

GenderCat cut fascination sleeve 3/4” Caucasian - $45

AWESOME VALUE- I have a code for a JIMMY STP 50% off donate $25-30 to my top and you’re still saving $60-$65 on the STP. (Original price for a Jimmy is $170 w/o tax)

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