jxckburke wrote in ftmgaragesale

Reelmagik 6.25" Pack n' Play w/ Flex Rod

Looking to sell my Reelmagik Pack n' Play model; ordered late 2017 and received last year, unboxed but never worn. Selling as I'm happy with my original packer, can't justify keeping unfortunately!

Additional features incl: Flex rod, extra strength silicone adhesive x1, cleansing spray x1, adhesive remover x1, hand-punched synthetic hair, enhanced coloration (veins, mottling, layering, etc)

Skintone is M7 — shown against thigh for reference. Can post with OG packaging and extras if you'd like them, ready to ship anytime. 

Paid $950 originally, hmu at info.trulygroup@gmail.com with an offer if you're interested. Happy to provide additional pics/vids/info.

edit: have to stress that I can't sell this too cheap ; fully understand its a big purchase as it was for me, I would really like this to go to somebody who needs it but sadly can't afford to be too flexible, sorry for this!


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