leanne313 wrote in ftmgaragesale

Selling these prosthetics:

1. Freetom Gen 6.5'', baige color. Great prosthetic, used it multiple times but it's not really what I'm looking for. I ask for 90$ plus shipping worldwide. SOLD!

2. Emisil packer, flaccid model F01, color 04. Costed me a bunch, but sadly I totally miscalculated the color. Brand new, was never used. I'd take 240$+ shipping.

3. A Semi-hard 4'' Gendercat, color 3019. With amazeballs, no sleeve though. good for packing and some play. comes with adhesive sheets. asking for 220$+shipping worldwide.

For more pictures, Email me to Lipazdotan@yahoo.com

All packers will be cleaned before shipping. Payment through authorized paypal account. Prices are negotiable, but not overly so. Thanks.


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