mbuster wrote in ftmgaragesale

Free Cocks (almost) for everyone

Hey guys, through roundabout circumstances, I've become pals with a woman (Susan) who runs a new-ish sextoy company called Being Fetish. I purchased one of their cocks on Amazon and was really surprised with how great it was. My g/f also loves it more than anything else I've ever used with her (probably 8 other cocks...)

I've come to learn that Susan is willing to basically give anything away currently in her amazon store in exchange for an amazon review. I believe her b/c she offered to reimbursed my purchase as well but instead I opted to get a different cock from her for free and she sent it. Both cocks are great. 

B/c I work in digital marketing and helping her also meaning helping a lot of guys get a great cock for practically nothing, I've offered to help her get the word out for free by setting up a FB group that can help manage this transaction for everyone. So, go join the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1074777522694676/and read the instructions on how to participate. Long story short, you buy what you want from her store, leave a review and she reimburses you minus shipping and tax. 

Unfortunately she only has caucasian toned pieces right now, but in the future that should change. She's also working on a line of packers for FTMs but they aren't out yet.


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