dcomp wrote in ftmgaragesale

3 packers for sale, need $$ for top surgery

Hey guys, 

I'm selling 3 items (1 hard packer, 2 stps): 

1. Tantus Adam O2 (list price: not currently available but I paid $70 I think)

Condition: Like new; no visible wear 

Why I'm selling: I have other hard packers and don't need this many

2. Reelmagik STP prosthetic — SOLD

3. New York Toy Collective's Sam STP —SOLD

Hit me up if you're interested at dillcompton@gmail.com

 I've sanitized everything twice and can do it again before I ship it. 

I've put the list prices here for reference but obviously will accept lower since these are secondhand. Send me an offer and we can negotiate on price and shipping and all that :) thanks 


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