mroth8 wrote in ftmgaragesale

STP, Sleeves, Vibes, Packers

1. Selling two Gendercat's Fascination Sleeve - both in black steel 3/4. Received both as gifts. Never used. Will sell both for $40 plus shipping or each for $25 plus shipping.

2. Emisil Compact (Caramel) = $95. Never used.

3. WeVibe Sync = Really good deal. $120 + free shipping - great for partners, or solo.
(Retails for $200 plus shipping plus tax)

4. Satisfyer Pro 2 = $30 + free shipping.

5. Coming soon: Reelmagik packer 3'' + cleaner = $35

**Free shipping within the United States only**

Please leave your email in the comments and I'll reach out to you. 


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