spidey03 (spidey03) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Peecock Gen 4

I got one that was defective and splitting, got a replacement one. I decided it wasn’t for me before even opening the replacement one. These go for $240 and shipping normally. Asking $180 with the rod.
3.75” And 2nd lightest shade, Beige I believe.
This is the one with the “floating” testicles and skin that kind of moves. Coloring really nice on it.
Pic with timestamp and user with it in the bag is the one you are getting. Other pics of are my defective one just so you can see item better. But I’ll send the rod too if you want.
Thanks! PayPal for Payment
Have a good one guys.
Can reply here or xmentosfreshx@hotmail.com
(Btw plastic rod isn’t broke, I can reconnect that. Just didn’t see the point of that hard piece on the end.)


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