JB (eyelinerboi) wrote in ftmgaragesale,


Mmkay, I was gonna Ebay these, but I wanted to give you all the chance to grab 'em first!

I've got two pairs of amazinglyawesomecool boxers for sale! I bought them from Topman in the UK, but unfortunately got too caught up in the amazingness of them, and didn't pay enough attention to the size, haha!

So yeahhh, they're slightly too small for me, so I thought someone here might fancy them! :)

They're both a size XS, Waist 28-30", 71-76cm.
(That's UK size, not sure if there's different measurements for US?)


I'm unsure of the P&P, but if anyone shows interest, then I'll look into it! I'll be shipping from the UK, but hopefully it won't cost too much!

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