Cal's Soul (saywhatufeel) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Cal's Soul

Pile of men's clothes more than 5 feet high

I am posting an ongoing list of clothing I am selling in my personal journal for anyone looking for men's clothing. Mostly bigger sizes. Shirts range from Large to XXL and pants/jeans range from 34 waist to 44 or 46 in some cases (like Dickies). I have over 40 pairs of pants alone that need to go. There will be some hats thrown in the mix as well.

I wanted to offer them here first before I put them on ebay.

90% of the clothes have only been worn a few times if at all. Prices are all at LEAST 50% off what I paid for them, even if they are new and have never been worn.

The list will probably take me a week to finish. New items will be added daily. First come first serve. Shipping will be flat rate boxes via USPS - whatever will fit in the normal flat rate box for $8.95, and payment will have to be money order only.


Hopefully these clothes can be put to good use and not remain stuck sitting in my closet for the rest of time.

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