robjacobson wrote in ftmgaragesale

UPDATE: SOLD!! GENDERCAT 6' HARD w AMAZEballs + fascination sleeve FOR SALE

SOLD!! this is the best product I have ever had and I had the reelmagik. this texture is so much realer tho and the girth is like an actual dick. 1/2 fascination sleeve IS THE BEST INVENTION EVER. i can feel bein inside my girl. i can come fckn my girl. and the balls. omg the balls. cant stop playin w them and finally get y cis dudes do all the time lol. this dick is a dick. period. i will never use anything else. 

colors: shaft is lighter (3020) but i wanted a lot of contrast so balls are abt (3068) which for me felt more realistic. 

it comes with factory installed self-adhesive WHICH WORKS LIKE A GEM. you can shower with it . also it's not impossible to pack w if you pack up w tight briefs. 

they accidentally sent me the wrong color and then sent me the correct color so I now have two. THIS HAS NEVER BEEN USED. online this is $380 plus shipping and 6 week wait. im askin $300 firm w 2 day priority shipping included.


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