Empqueerling (emperorlorlor) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Packer, stps, binders

(Disappeared for a while but I'm back and things are still available! I messaged everyone who contacted me before but reposting just in case.)

I'm just clearing out my drawer. Money is tight and all. So here's what I've got

Packers & STPs:
1)freetom stp, new style urethra (far right)
Asking $80

2)Archer packer large(center top right)
Asking $35

3)Archer packer small (center top left)
Asking $25

4)EZP stp from transthetics, it is gorgeous and I love it but Im being honest with myself, I'm too nervous to stand in public restrooms and that's the whole reason I wanted an STP so it's time to find it a better home
Asking $100

5)2.25" reelmagik packer soft, this was actually my favorite but my dog got ahold of it and you can see the teeth marks so I replaced it. It does look lighter in person. It's still usable and I know someone needs it so I'll send it out for the price of shipping

6) Mr Limpy basic packer small
Asking $10

7)adjustable white half binder, fits chest size 32"-40" I wore it for a week after I had a small revision to my top surgery before switching to a compression shirt so it's still in great shape and very comfy in my opinion
Asking $25

8)short sleeve under armour compression shirt, lightly worn and in overall great shape (not good for bigger chested peeps or people looking for hardcore binding, I wore this late in my post-surgery recovery time and a couple times for exercise)
asking $10

If you want closer pictures or have questions just message me, these prices are without shipping, totally willing to do bundle prices/combine shipping of course.

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