robjacobson wrote in ftmgaragesale

reelmagik 7inch pack n play for sale

UPDATE: SOLD (for original price)!! NEW REDUCED PRICE. hey i had a couple guys ask me about payment plans. not comfortable doing that so reduced price from $500 to $450 OBO. i have a 7inch circumcised reelmagik with flex rod. Color is M5.i like a lot of contrast so it's incredibly realistic. i pack with this n got used to packing big and really want to order the 8 now with hair. this is incredible for play too — n the balls are sick. i've kept excellent care of it — paint is like new still. i've been using the gendercat adhesive sheets on this which work amazing. happy to send over a couple of those too. i paid $700 for it n askin for $500 450 OBO.

#ftm #ftmgaragesale 


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