Snifflepuffin (Sky Vermillion) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Sky Vermillion


Hey y'all! I got this fancy Enzo after I changed my name officially. Upon its arrival it was just too big. I could never find a way to get it comfy in my pants so I never wore it out. I tried to trade it for a free tom, but managed to get scammed on my birthday by some asshole in the UK, but then he couldn't pay the duties or something and it eventually made its way back to me. This penis is cultured.

So, I have this Enzo. I want a different, smaller dick. I paid over 200 for this beast with shipping.

If you gimme 150$ I'll pay the shipping and send this bad boy out to you the same day and give you all the tracking info like in real time. I'll face time you at the post office. But you have to be in the US.

Make me an offer.

Email me if you are interested:
Tags: packer

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