blue_bunny13 (blue_bunny13) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Weeding Out Stuff Still =D

I've still got a bunch of stuff here that need good homes as well so take a look if you're interested :3

Feel free to leave comments or email at and thanks for looking!

I'd really like to get these to good homes so if anyone's interested please let me know! I've added measurements and everything but feel free to ask any questions and i can answer em. Don't mind the specs from my camera x-X

Brand new Happy Bunny shorts/PJs, Size Medium -- $4

Brand new casual button up shirt, INCREDIBLY soft material! 21" chest, 31" length from top of collar -- $10

Long sleeve dark grey -- 28" length Brand New -- $4

Long sleeve light grey -- 21" length New condition -- $4

Black T-shirt -- 28" length Great condition -- $4

Black fleece 24" -- New condition (washed but never worn, just never needed it) Snowboarding fleecy -- $8

Long sleeve dragon shirt -- 27" length Brand New -- $7

Brand New Quicksilver pants! Size 32 Sorry the flash kind of warped them x_X -- Asking $15 since they're worth about $30

Nike Shorts, excellent condition and barely worn. Have been in my duffel bag untouched forever -- $4

30 Seconds To Mars shirt, XL, excellent condition! Older since they still have Matt in the group -- Make an offer since i've posted this one around as well

Black Hurley Beanie, Brand New With Tags! Sorry the flash blinded the black color -- Asking $18 since this is a $30+ beanie

Black Dragon Hoodie, Large, Almost Brand New...amazingly soft and warm! I had two and sold the other one and wasn't going to sell this one but i'm parting with a lot of stuff i just don't really need since i'm moving across the country soon! -- Asking $18

Grind skating shirt, Medium, Excellent Condition! -- $10

Okay so i've collected WAY too many underpants so i finally went through my duffel bags and sorted out a bunch i would like to find good homes. These of course are completely brand new and unworn (durr hurr)

Colorful red briefs and grey, Mens Medium -- $3 each or $5 for both

Checkered boxers (tag says XL although it fits to a Mens Medium) and silk boxers, Mens Medium. I had a few pairs of the silk ones and figured i'd part with these. Extreeeemely smooth. -- $3 each or $5 for both

I just had too many...i needed to weed em out! Mens Medium -- $3 each or $10.50 for all

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