Leben Homer wrote in ftmgaragesale

Looking for a FreeTom Robin Hood STP, Pierre Packer, and 2XL Slingshot Harness.

My birthday is coming up, and since my friends are giving me money to buy my own presents, I wanted to check on here if anyone is willing to sell.

-Im looking for a FreeTom Robin Hood STP in Light Brown, Warm Rosy, or Dark Brown, doesn't matter if it has minor defects (other than chunks missing, or a bad urethra)

- I'm looking for a Pierre packer, Regular (5in), in Caramel or Hazelnut, doesn't matter if its has minor defects (other than chunks missing)

-and I'm looking for a 2XL Slingshot Harness from FTM Essentials or wherever else they're sold.

Contact me with your prices, or leave them down in the comments, I can't wait to hear from you!


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