queer_days (queer_days) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Binders, Harness, and Minoxidil for sale

I have two binders, a harness and two (2) full unopened bottles of minoxidil with the dropper for sale. Feel free to mix and match items and I can probably cut down shipping price.

Underworks Ultimate Chest Binder 2XL in white $28 + shipping (original price is $44 since it’s a 2XL)

ShapeShiftersInc half tank binder in birch 2XL $25 + shipping (originally $50)

Peecock miracle jockstrap 2XL in Black (44”-46”) $18 + shipping

Minoxidil 5% topical for hair growth 2 (two) full unopened bottles and dropper $15 + shipping

All clothing items will be washed and sanitized before shipping.

For any questions or inquiries feel free to email me at jwechs@gmail.com also willing to negotiate prices or bundle because I really need the money.

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