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Welcome to the FTM Garage Sale LiveJournal community!

The name is pretty self-explanatory. This community is solely for selling secondhand, lightly used, or new FTM accessories. (Anything you want to sell that's at least somewhat FTM-related.) Advertising to buy a certain accessory is also allowed. No real rules, except the obvious:

1. The moderator of this community is not affiliated with any escrow dealings.
2. No secondhand packers, harnesses, or dicks for sex. If it's brand new, please post photo(s) of it in it's original packaging. (Unless it's out of original packaging, in which case, please advertise with the reason why you are otherwise discarding the product.) If you are a buyer interested in purchasing a product NOT in it's original packaging, you are buying AT YOUR OWN RISK.
3. Any packing/sex/any dick photos must be put under an LJ cut. Don't want to make it 100% not work safe.
4. No flaming, or something to that effect. You know.
5. If it's irrelevant, I'm taking it off.

If you're selling or looking to buy things somewhat related to being a transman, like electric razors for those who are finally seeing facial hair after months on testosterone, free weights for toning all that new muscle mass, or elevator shoes for the little guys, ads like that are absolutely welcome. "Transpride" paraphenalia is all fine and good, so are articles of men's/boy's clothing (please NO underwear unless factory-sealed in original packaging), FTM-relevant/queer books and DVDs are just dandy, and as always binders and brand new NEVER WORN harnesses, sexual things, and packers are welcome. Pornographic DVDs and VHS, erotica books, things of that nature are also welcome to be sold or bought, but please put product photos under a cut tag.

Photos of merchandise for sale are highly encouraged, but certainly not mandatory.

By joining this community, you free the moderator of responsibility for your future transactions conducted using it.

BUYER BEWARE: Use this service at your own risk. Please do not spam the board flaming a buyer or seller regarding lost packages, no payment, or another scam of sorts. Feel free to email me at with "SCAM" in the subject line, and I will dispense the warning to the message board and ban the member if applicable. However, getting everything situated in terms of your transaction between the two of you is the responsibility of you both.

Any questions specific to this post, please do not hesitate to ask. The only stupid question is one never asked. :)

Go ape!


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