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I have a few stps for sale, as I'll be having my phalloplasty in a few weeks. All items will be sterilized prior to shipping. Shipping cost is not included in the price yet, as this depends on your location. Also, I will be traveling to Europe in two weeks, so if you live in Europe, I can ship it from there, to save shipping cost. I have pictures on my phone but not on my computer, so if interested, please send me a message and I can send you pictures of the items. 

I have one vanilla colored Emisil Compact STP, new this sells for about $110 plus shipping, but I will sell it for $75 plus shipping o.b.o.

I also have an Emisil second generation STP (5,5 inches long, girth is 5 inches), no hair patch, but with erection rod in the S09 skin color. This has only been used a few times as packer, the rod has never been used. I will sell this for $350 o.b.o

I have Telesis 8F silicone adhesive (2oz), Telesis 8 thinner (2oz, not currently available online), and Telesis remover, barely any adhesive has been used. Retail price for the three products would be over $100, plus shipping. I'm asking $80 plus shipping for all three o.b.o. If you would like only one of the three products, send me a message and we'll come up with a price. 

2 bottles of Pros-Aide adhesive and a bottle of Mehron AdMed Adhesive Remover, $20 o.b.o. will get you the full set.

Last item I'm selling a C002 colored Rod from Transthetics for $150.

I will try to upload pictures, but like I said, message me and I'll send you pictures right away.



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