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I'm selling a few different things here: All prices have shipping included, all packers/STP's will be sterilized before shipping and I would prefer using Paypal however I can work with different apps and such. Email me at if you are interested or if you have any questions!

First I'm selling the Buck-Off sleeve. I only used it one time, sterilized it, and never used it again. It was not for me, still in nearly perfect condition. I showed it next to a quarter just to show the size comparison. I'll even throw in a bottle of lube (I did use some of it, and only if you want) 15$

I'm also selling the 5' FreeTom Sleek 4-in-1 w/rod included. I bought this but never ended up using it for any of the 4 functions. Still in great condition, however I did not get the upgraded paint job so it is one color but the veins and details are still realistic. It does have a pleasure slide and the paint color is mocha, selling for $110. 

This is my Archer packer, from Early2Bed. Used only a handful of times but I stopped because I wanted to pack with an STP function. Got this in the Caramel color, but it is still a light skin tone. Asking $40 for this. 

The last thing I have is my 5.5' Gen3s Peecock. The color I got was light brown, and the paint job is coming off (that will show in the pictures). It's in great condition, no tears and completely able to use as an STP. and I do have the rod for it as well. Asking $160 for it. 

Again, Every product will be sterilized and shipped as soon as possible. 


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