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dicks & stps for sale!

hi folks! I have a bunch of dicks and stps that I don't use anymore. I'm listing them below for sale. everything is in good condition and will be sterilized before shipping.  I'll be accepting payments via venmo or paypal. respond to this ad to see more pictures!

I'm willing to make deals if you buy more than one —  the only trade I would accept would be a Rod! 

first up, the STPs:

I have two FreeTom's — the Buddy and the Sleek. The Buddy is a light color, 3 1/2 inch silicone packer/stp. The Sleek is a warm rosy, 5 inch, silicone "4 in 1" dick. The Sleek is lightly used and the Buddy is basically brand new. It's really easy to pee out of both of them, but they didn't work packing-wise for my body. 

I'm asking $60 for the Sleek and $40 for the Buddy. 

Next up is a Packer Gear STP — light colored, 4 inches, unsure of material. The funnel is comparable to a FreeTom or a Model A and is pretty easy to pee out of. Again, the packing just didn't work with my body. 

Selling for $5.

Last STP is a light colored Mr. Fenis. Flexible silicone, whole length is 8 inches. 

Selling for $10. 

Now the dicks: 

Good Vibes Cadet silicone dildo — 7 inches insertable length, rosy color, includes hole for bullet vibe

Selling for $40 (originally $90). 

Vixen Creations Mistress silicone dildo — 6.5 inches insertable length, black 

Selling for $30 (originally $90). 

Wet for Her silicone dildo — 5 inches insertable length, black 

Selling for $15 (originally $40). 

Vixen Realistic Bent silicone dildo — 5 inches insertable length, black 

Selling for $20 (originally $50). 

Tantus silicone dildo — 4.5 inches insertable length, purple

Selling for $10 (originally $40). 

not pictured: I have a Packer Gear FTM stroker that's never been used. I won it as a prize, but am super happy with my Blue Pill. Selling for $10-$15!


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