Isaac Villagran (Isaac Villagran) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Isaac Villagran
Isaac Villagran

Freetom 4 in one Rogue Gen 2 painted for sale!!!! Freetom sleek unpainted 4 in 1 for sale!!!

I have a new painted Rogue 4in1 freetom Prosthetics. The color of the Rogue is dark brown. Only tried to use it once before realizing it was making my dysphoria worse.
I also have a Sleek 4 in 1 light brown unpainted prosthetic. I have flex rod for both Prosthetics Both are no more than a month old, got them last month in February.
The Rogue price $215
The Sleek price $115
Or $300 for both
Not sure if the images are posting message me and I'll send you pics
Tags: ftm, ftm garage sale, packer, prosthetic, sale, trans

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