accforsell1ng (accforsell1ng) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Emisil Gen 2 + RodeoH Boxer Briefs

**Repost because I'm lowering price**

  I'm selling an Emisil/RodeoH Gen 2 S02 that has only been worn thrice for maybe 2 hours total and washed immediately after. Comes with box.
Depending on shipping costs and such, we can figure something out. It's in 10/10 condition. Willing to part with it for $320 (minus shipping cost). I also have M size, "Dark Gray Marle Button Fly Underwear" that I'll throw in for an extra $10. I tried them on with the Emisil, and they're too big for me. Washed right after.
  If you're interested, email me at (I won't be checking DM's on here). I can send photos of the STP and boxers if interested. Paypal, or e-transfer/direct deposit.


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