Empqueerling (emperorlorlor) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Packers, stps, and binder

I've got an Archer packer, a Freetom 45" stp with the new urethra, an EZP, a random packer (that I think is supposed to be used for meta/stp) and a binder.
Asking $35 shipper for the Archer.
$90 shipped for the Freetom
As for the transthetics EZP I'd really like to trade that for a Rod but I would take $130 for it.
The other packer I'd like to give away to someone who needs it for the price of shipping which will be around $5.

The binder is super adjustable and is great as a post-surgery binder. It fits up chest size 32"-40", worn sparingly for less than a week. Asking $20 shipped for it.
Tags: ftm, packer

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