Just Me (muzikmaker21) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Just Me

Top Surgery Fundraiser

Mods- please let me know if this isn't allowed. I'll take it down.

I know that outright asking for money is totally uncool, but that's not what this is. When I began official transition 'lo those many years ago, I knew that top surgery was years and years away because I had to pay back so much borrowed money to my friends from my years as an emancipated minor before I could even consider saving. Anyway, I recently found out that I *need*to have top surgery soon if I want to go on a teaching project trip to Ghana that I've been FREAKING STOKED about for quite some time now. The reason? Since it's a "cultural exchange", we basically have to do what they do, and men are expected to be shirtless at certain times, and I don't thing me using "well, I'm a transdude" as my excuse would go over so well. I've been on T for a little over seven months and pass perfectly- silly goatee and everything, but I have a couple o' D-cups under a few Double Front Compression Shirts that really don't need to be revealed to the general public. I was so totally bummed when I learned this that I almost called and gave away my spot on the trip.

But then I had a brilliant idea! Why not sell some of my tie-dye as a fund raiser?! I've been tie-dying for a long damn time and can do some pretty neat patterns, but I've never tried to make money off of it (although I've been told that I should). I'm going to be doing a batch next weekend, and am hereby taking orders.

I will accept payments in the form of cheques or well-concealed cash for now, and I'll see about setting up a PayPal account sometime in the next day or two. Tack $5 onto orders of three or more items for shipping and another $5 if you're outside the US (regardless of the number of items). Guaranteed to be in the mail by January 5th, 2008. Email me at nathen at rudemechanicals dot com with questions and orders. In your order, please specify up to four colors (or let me know that colors don't matter) and the size. Void where prohibited.


Bandanas: $3 or 5/$12
Draw-string Pouch: $5
Socks; $5/pair
Tank Tops/"wifebeaters": $7
Onesies: $8
T-shirts: $15
Long-sleeved T-shirts: $20
Sarong/Tapestry: $25
Long-sleeved T-shirt with hood: $30
Pants (scrub pants with pockets): $30
Tuxedo Shirt (wing collar): $45


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