transonceler (transonceler) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Freetom 2-in-1 5" Sleek Pack and Pee STP

Selling the Freetom 2-in-1 5" Sleek Pack and Pee STP.

Bought this prosthetic from the Already Made section on Freetom's website, however this color does not match my skin as well as I'd like it to so I'm looking to sell this one so I can purchase another in the correct color.

Color: Warm Rosy Skin
Length: 5"
Girth: 4.5"
Condition: Never used, original package was opened to compare to skin color -- will ship the prostethic in all it's original packaging

Selling Price: $120 (I will cover shipping - only in the US)
** Priced at the original Freetom price because the prosthetic was never used. I will cover all shipping costs (only in the US) and it won't take a month to get to you **

If you are interested, please email me at (I will not respond to messages I receive on LiveJournal).

Tags: ftm, prosthetic

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