Nat Hanych (Nat Hanych) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Nat Hanych
Nat Hanych

Package for sale!

Rodeo harness underwear, worn once, didn't really dig them. They are black size 30-32. I usually wear 30" jeans and these fit nicely like underwear, but if you're a bit bigger, I think they'd work better as a harness. Not as tight as I had hoped for sexy stuff. I'm pretty much just throwing the packer (freetom sleek) in there for free because I don't really use it, and I'd hate to throw it away. I tried makin the pee hole bigger cause it would always backflow. Guess what still backflows....also cut down the sides so it is mildly wearable. It doesn't have the "pleasure" ridges which didn't do a whole bunch for me. It also has the rod thing to make it hard. Doesn't tuck into the underwear, so I wear underwear on top whole packing. Lord knows why they sell them together. Anyhoo, if ya want a big shlong with your new undies, I'll throw it in! I'm asking about 60 bucks to cover the cost of the undies, plus shipping. Or possible trade with a transthetic rod or ezp. US for shipping please! Thank ya
Tags: packer

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