accforsell1ng wrote in ftmgaragesale

Selling Emisil/RodeoH Gen 2

I'm selling an Emisil/RodeoH Gen 2 S02 that has only been worn thrice for maybe 2 hours total and washed immediately after. Comes with box.

Depending on shipping costs and such, we can figure something out. However, since it's in 10/10 condition (used, but perfect condition), I won't be willing to part with it for less than $340. If you're in California and can come get it, I'd be willing to sell for lower as I'd rather do in-person transactions because then you can see it and I can ensure you're legit.

If you're interested, email me at I can send photos of it, and would also prefer to have you send some photos back as proof of identification. Paypal, or e-transfer/direct deposit. I won't be checking DM's on here. 


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