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misc gear for sale: Underworks swim binder, pump, Reelmagik color samples, adhesive remover

(Reposting without the ReelMagik STPs and pack & play and other gear that already sold)

Selling the following trans guy gear:

- Underworks two-piece men's compression swim suit / swim binder, size XL, black and blue. Worn on one vacation before I had chest surgery. Like new. Shorts have never been worn w/o boxers underneath. Selling because I had surgery. Underworks charges $99.99 plus shipping for it. Other pictures of this model and sizing information at http://www.underworks.com/concealer-compression-swimsuit and http://www.ebay.com/itm/MEN-ONE-PIECE-COMPRESSION-SWIMSUIT-MADE-IN-THE-USA-2-COLORS-TOP-QUALITY-USA/380842736080?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 . First reasonable offer accepted. Will ship to U.S. addresses w/Priority Mail. Make an offer if interested.

- Size Matters brand Beginner FTM pump kit, unused, with all attachments etc., but w/o the horrid pink box with misgendering body part names on it. Selling because I chose RFF and never needed to pump so this gift from my partner went unused. New ones are about $80 plus shipping. First reasonable offer accepted. Will ship to U.S. address w/ Priority Mail. Make an offer if interested. To the person who DM'd me an offer - your privacy settings prevent me from answering you. Send me an email address, add me to your friends list, or update settings if you want a reply...

- unopened bottle of cleaning solution for ReelMagik prosthetics. First reasonable offer accepted. Will ship in Priority Mail flat rate box.

- silicone adhesive remover, unsealed but 90% full bottle. See pic of unopened sealed bottle in previous post - almost identical amount. First reasonable offer accepted. Will ship to U.S. addresses via Priority Mail flat rate box.

- Skin Prep, 90% full bottle, and Factor2 silicone adhesive remover. Make an offer. Will ship to U.S. addresses via Priority Mail flat rate box.

- ReelMagik color samples M1-M6 used for selecting custom color for ReelMagik pack-and-play. They cost me $25 and were slow to arrive. You could get them by Priority Mail right away. Make an offer.

Happy to answer questions if you want more info about anything.

EDIT TO ADD: Many people are messaging and posting to ask prices. Please just make an offer, and factor in the cost of Priority Mail (with insurance if the item costs more than the free insurance included by USPS).

If you send a DM, remember to fix privacy settings so I can reply :-).

First reasonable offer from a reputable U.S.-based buyer will be accepted. To protect buyer and seller, once we agree on a price, I will make a private eBay listing and send you the link to pay by PayPal. I have been on eBay since the late 1990s and have 100% positive feedback.

EDITED TO ADD if you contact me make sure your settings allow me to reply. Several offers have come in that I can't reply to bc the senders block messages from ppl not on their friends lists. D'oh! If you are one of those ppl, try again!
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