alexdiscrete (alexdiscrete) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Limited Binders (Selling 6)

Selling Used Underworks Binders

Selling One Cotton Concealer Chest Binder [Black]
Bought For: Roughly 33 Dollars
Selling For: 20 Dollars
Size: Small

Selling One Sleeveless Swim Top [Black/Black]
Bought For: Roughly 45 Dollars
Selling For: 35 Dollars
Size: Small

Selling Four Ultimate Chest Binder Tank [2 White, 2 Black]
Each Bought For: Roughly 30 Dollars
Selling Each For: 20 Dollars
Each Size: Small

Side Note: All Binders Will Be Washed Before Shipment

I will pay shipping.

Please contact me via email on offer, I don't check LiveJournal frequently ->

Payments will be made via PayPal.
Tags: ftm, ftm garage sale, garage sale, sale

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