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binders for sale

So I'm selling all my binding methods, of which I've collected a lot. If anyone is interested, just comment here with your email address and I'll shoot you an email. Shipping is 5 dollars for in the US, if you're outside the US we'll work something out. I take paypal, concealed cash, cheques, etc...

since this is older and not on my friends page anymore- just email me if you want one- smallsingularity at yahoo dot com.

First is a medium tri-top binder, the older style which I prefer. It's a little shorter than the newer style and doesn't roll up as much. It's still very good at binding even though it's used, it's just not very white anymore. $20

The next three are all modified tri-top binders. Basically I cut off the top portion leaving a band that goes around the chest. It works really really well, and you don't have to deal with hiding shoulder straps or that annoying pucker in front that the tri-top tends to do. They're all mediums or the equivalant (one was a large but I took it in so it fits like a medium). $15

Then I have three Gilligan & O'Malley sports bras, size small, 2 white and 1 black. All are in good condition (not stretched out) and a style that isn't easily found anymore. They're excellent for binding, I passed pretty well with them and I was a large B cup. I mostly used these when I was at home though so I didn't have to bind as tight. They're really comfortable. $5

Lastly, I have 2 abdominal binders. One is white, size small as seen here. The other is black and is made of neoprene and is seen here. $5


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