Skye S (skye_n_s) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Skye S

Packers, STP's, Binders, and Clothes!

To save up for top surgery I am selling quite a few of my packers, stp's, clothes and binders!
Things for sale:
-Mr. Limpy x-small (poorly dyed): 7$
-GC2B Medium tank black binder: 14$
-Medium half tank peecock binder: 5$
-Emisil Gen 1 Stp in skin tone s08: 300$ (obo)
-Freetom uncut stp in skin tone warm rosy: 95$
-Various clothes/shoes in sizes SM, M, L: 5$ & Up

Please share this info with someone you know who may be interested! I really need them sold, just comment or email/text me at for photos/any questions :)

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