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Update: It's been sanitized and packed back up in its original box for the past few days and I haven't missed it so I'll sell it for my original asking price of $450. That includes all original paperwork, original box, the stp, a bottle of spray hollister adhesive, unused bottle of cleansing spray (NOT adhesive remover), and priority shipping (within the us). I had a few guys interested so if you were one of those people then please email me again. It goes to the first person to pay me through PayPal. I can't hold it for anyone because I need to use the money to replace it for something different. I'm sorry :( I will send pics through email for serious buyers.

I posted this stp for sale a few days ago but took it down. I had planned on keeping it because 1) I didn't want to have to wait another few weeks for a new prosthetic and 2) I actually started liking it. However, I've been on a roller coaster of emotions with it over the past week and although I'm not against keeping it I'd like to try and trade it for a reelmagik pack-n-play (preferably without the flexrod as I'm wanting something super soft and flaccid. But I'll consider a flex rod). I'm looking for either the 3", 4.5" or the 5" (any of the lighter skin tones would be fine). I'm leaving to hike the Appalachian trail in March and don't have time to wait for a brand new one from reelmagik as the current wait time is 28 weeks. If you have either of those packers and want to trade then email me at braydentylercoley@gmail.com.

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