Skye S (skye_n_s) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Skye S

Clothes, Binder-Saving up for Top Surgery

Hey guys, I am saving up for Top Surgery which I am planning to have by May of 2017 if things go right. In order to make that possible I am selling some old CLOTHING and SHOES sizes Small and Medium (one or two is a large), a peecock medium BINDER, and I am linking my gofundme if anyone has even a dollar to help out: I am also offering to do almost anything ART related in EXCHANGE FOR DONATIONS somethings include drawing up tattoos, making business cards, making tshirt designs, making logos, unique christmas or birthday cards etc. I am trying to do everything I can to make this possible, if you can't help I understand but please reach out if you could. Thank you very much.

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