anonymousmark (anonymousmark) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

LikeReal Prosthetic for sale

Well, I bought this in 2010, waited a few weeks and when it arrived they had sent me the wrong model and cut.

After their refusal to remedy the situation, I tossed it in a dresser drawer and forgot all about it until I was cleaning last week

I paid $500 for this at the time and have never actually worn or used it. It has the hole in the back so that you can use it as a STP(by adding your own device) . It's pretty firm and is meant for sexual intercourse but seems pliable enough to pack with.

It came with tape on the back for use with adhesive but since it's sat for so long the tape has dried out and cracked. (See picture) I can remove all of that with medical adhesive remover.

The back of the scrotum has a few defects (and arrived that way) but mostly some pitting.

I was thinking $30.00 plus shipping cost. Im not getting any enjoyment out of it just chillin in a drawer and figured someone could use an inexpensive prosthetic.


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