Jake (boundlessdesire) wrote in ftmgaragesale,


ok its back

ok its back the buck angel porn on ebay


 the porn is bidpay/POSTAL money order only, all other auctions are PAYPAL/BIDPAY only.

the mature audience section doesnt accept paypal, just bidpay, used to take paypal but apparently not any more.

so go but the BUCK ANGEL porn and wank away. 

*HOPEFULLY eBay wont take it away again this time...  and its funny too I made them tell me why they yanked and they said it was because i used profanity.
I used the word this way  P*ssy

and they said even censoring the profanity was against policy, so I told them I had two other DVDs listed in the same section that contained censored profanity, yet they hadnt removed those...

I eventold them and they still havent removed them. sooo hmmmm.

makes no difference tho. go bid on any or all of them and get off! 

thanks! Enjoy.


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