Elijah Bennett (Elijah Bennett) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Elijah Bennett
Elijah Bennett

ReelMagik 4.5 Caucasian/M4 pack and play for sale

Update 8/20/16: the Sinthetics had been sold! The ReelMagik is still available, though. Please don't hesitate to email with questions about the product if interested!

Original post:
Hey, I am selling an M4 4.5 inch ReelMagik pack and play model (circumcised) with flex rod and paint upgrade. I paid just over $500 for it back when I ordered it, but considering it's about a year old I'm selling for between $350-400. I've worn it maybe ten times; it's in excellent condition. Pictures are available upon request: email me at elijah.james.bennett@gmail.com or reply to this post.

I also have an uncircumcised Sinthetics model still for sale if anyone is interested! Going for $100-120.

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