nestor333 (nestor333) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

$400 Reelmagik 5 in. prosthesis worn once

I have for sale a nearly new Reelmagik 5 in. prosthesis with flex rod. I got it yesterday, took it out of the box, tried to wear it, and decided it was the wrong size for me. It has not been used sexually any way. I am going to turn around and buy another model from the same company. M7 skin tone. No hair. I will take $400 for it plus shipping cost (they are $479 plus shipping and extras new). WILL ALSO TRADE for either the RM 4.5 in. model or the stp of somewhat similar skin tone. Comes with box, instructions, and a full bottle of cleansing spray (I didn't order adhesive). I have pictures, but they are not wanting to upload.
If you're interested, email me at, and I'll send pictures. It will be shipping from Tennessee.
Tags: ftm garage sale

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