toysfortransmen (toysfortransmen) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

ISO High Quality Pack n Play/3n1

ISO Sinthetics cupped pack n play, EC pack n play/3n1, or similar.

I have an emisil stp with a custom made erection rod (making it a 3n1) that i am looking to trade for a high quality pack n play/3n1 6"

I have two like real prosthetics to sell. One is the 400C STP in their darkest color, and the other is a 400C STP peirced in their lightest color.

Both have never been used. Purchased for $300/$350 (respectively) +20 shipping.

I am looking to sell or trade for something of equal value. Trades dont have to be trans related. These are technically 3n1 devices. As they are firm enough for play, but hollow for use with an stp.

Pictures can be sent upon request.


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