nikolas (smogincities) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

> SOLD <

Hey guys!

I have a FreeTom Rouge (5.5) pack and play that I'd like to sell. It's a rosy skin tone, no paint plus.

Full disclosure: I did purchase it on clearance!
I bought it mainly to pack with, but I realized it was way too big for that purpose.

The underside of the head is a little thin, and it does have a clear gloss coating in that area.

It has been used for attempted penetration (with a condom) but has been boiled/sterilized afterwards, and will be done again before shipping out just in case. :)

Will come with the packer, play rod, and a baggie. I'm only looking for $40 +free shipping to the US (I can't ship internationally at this time, sorry!) Paypal only!

Pictures available upon request (currently on mobile). Feel free to email me at!

This item has been sold, thank you for your interest!
Tags: prosthetic

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