Marissa (a_common_repose) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Packer Drawer Cleanout (Updated!)

Hey guys,

Still saving up for my RM; need to sell off these last few packers to reach my goal! The following packers are still available. Detailed pics upon request!

Emisil Flaccid Penis Prosthetic 02 (Surface Damage-Color rubbed off; rough patches):
Mine is in a custom tone close to S014. $100

Vixen's Lonestar:
Mine is the Vanilla tone; older, but only used once. It's a little too large for me. $35

The EC Prosthetics Ultra Petite:
Mine is "Light African-American." Again, worn once or twice but never really used. It's a bit firm, and the shaft is fixed to the scrotum, but it's a great sized bulge and looks more realistic than even the more expensive packers I've had. $20

And the Freetom STP/ "Buddy":
Mine is in their old "dark tan skin" tone...but pics more accurately reflect the true color. No damage/imperfections Never used. $85


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