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Emisil 2nd Gen 5.5 S.T.P Fundraiser UPDATE

Just received great news! Emisil gave us a discount code this means we can get two prosthetics and have a second place winner but we will only do this if we achieve our goal or we at least meet the goal of $680 for our friend in need of help if not we will just have the raffle only for the Emisil gen 2 S.T.P.
Second place winner will pick a skin tone for their new flaccid prosthetic 01 model & they do not have to review this ! :)
Have a great day and thanks for your support!
*remember if you have any questions you can message me any time.

We will still choose a winner even if we do not make our goal! Even if we only raise $20! Deadline for this raffle will be March 20th or When we reach our goal, We will choose a winner if there is only one donor this donor will win but if we don't see any raffle ticket sales we will end the contest and review the prosthetic ourselves. Our friend family has donated so our new Goal is less than 1,000 please help! thanks.

EMISIL 2ND GEN S.T.P Prosthetic 5.5

Help our friend complete his top surgery fund

Unfortunate news came for one of our brothers he can not complete his surgery funds so we decided to help him with a fundraiser any amount counts & is gladly appreciated. You can simply donate $2 or whatever amount you want & you will receive a raffle ticket with this ticket you will enter to win a new Emisil S.T.P Prosthetic their latest model With Custom Rod For Play & Skin tone color.

Here at tmenwithambition we purchase our prosthetics they are not free even our giveaway prosthetics with that said we will not be able to purchase two S.T.P's since we have not reviewed this new model so in our prosthetic fund for this month we will only purchase the model for our winner and have them review it for us!

*Winner must review the prosthetic for us if you are stealth you can simply be anon and just take photos of the prosthetic & write a written review we will keep your name private.

* Give us your address so we can send the prosthetic. We will message the winner and request this you do not need to put this if you are entering.

Will Ship International As Well

Please leave a message if you are entering if you do no want to enter and just want to donate write Donate.

Even if we do not reach our goal there still will be a winner. Remember this is the 2nd Gen Prosthetic which has the coolest option of adhering the prosthetic to your body & Will come with a custom rod for play this model will not have the hair option if you do not want it to be adhered simply tell us so we can throw in a harness for you :)!

If everything goes well we will open our donation page for other tmen in need who want to post their donation page up :)
Have A Wonderful Day

Bottom is the link to our fund page

How raffle entry goes:
$1 = 2 tickets
$2 = 4 tickets
$5 = 10 tickets
$10 = 20 tickets
Remember these are examples you can donate any amount!
For every dollar it is 2 tickets
Good luck!

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