dueits (dueits) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

PEECOCK 6.5" Gen 3 for Sale!


I'm selling my Peecock gen 3 6.5" prosthetic.
It's a 3 in 1. Color is Beige.
I received it in the mail, but never decided to 'use' it.
I've only used it for packing.

Comes with the Gen 3 Peecock pleasure kit. (also never used, but somehow got a tear in it :/ )

The paint was a defect and came off by friction of the jeans and my underwear.
The tip has a tear in it, but I fixed it with some glue, so it's not a problem. Water runs through fine like usual (the funnel)
No real problems with it.
All can be helped from progressing with better care of it.

Paid over $222 + shipping ($34)
Looking to get $175.

I can send pics of it.
e-mail me: trovole@gmail.com
Tags: ftm, prosthetic

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