sleepypillowsp (sleepypillowsp) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

4.5" ReelMagik with Flexrod for Sale!

ReelMagik is amazingly realistic in both looks and touch. It is extremely high quality and well made. The 4.5" size is perfect for daily packing, and the Flexrod allows pack and play when the mood strikes.

This one is darker than I expected (skin tone M14) and never used. The asking price is $400, with Flexrod and realistic painting plus custom color match, it is a $250+ savings for you.

Advanced Prosthetic Kit with Flexrod:
- High quality gel-filled 4.5" silicone prosthetic
- Enhanced detailed realistic paint job
- Custom color matching (skin color M14 ordered, but received one that's darker)

If interested, please contact me at sleepypillow at if you have any question. I'd be happy to provide pics and additional info. Thanks for looking!

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